Appliance Hand Truck

Appliance trolley
Appliance trolley

Appliance Hand Truck


Let’s face it, moving bulky white goods is a hassle. Well, it is if you’re not using the Expresso Appliance hand truck. This hand truck is dual-purpose, with two footplates. The short plate is for easy insertion under heavy loads, and the tubular footplate is for large crates and parcels.

(Price Excludes GST)


  • Dog ear handles
  • Rear support skids for navigating curbs and steps
  • Short footplate: 300kg carry capacity
  • Tubular footplate: 150kg carry capacity, folds up
  • 1300mm height
  • Weighs 14kg
  • Optional:
    • Puncture-proof wheels
    • Logo panel with your corporate image

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