Milk Crate Trolley

expresso milk crate trolley
expresso milk crate trolley
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Milk Crate Trolley


Just when you think the milkman had everything figured out, the Expresso Milk Crate hand truck makes life even easier. The secret is its special hooks, which make moving crates much faster than with a footplate. The trolley is compact and manoeuvrable, even in the smallest of cool rooms. These hand trucks are specially configured to suit Australian milk crates.

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  • Rear support skids for navigating curbs and steps
  • Dog ear handles
  • Milk crate hooks configured for Australian crate dimensions
  • Optional top crate bracket (not shown)
  • 200kg carry capacity
  • 1300mm height
  • Weighs 11.3kg
  • Optional:
    • Puncture proof wheels
    • Logo panel with your corporate image

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